The CLIO Society Welcomes 2016 Freshers!

On behalf of the CLIO Committee, we would like to offer our congratulations and welcome you to Cambridge!
We hope you are looking forward to an unforgettable few years ahead of you, and that we might be able to be a part of your journey. CLIO is the official Cambridge History Society, which aims to enhance your experience at University by providing best-in-class presentations from leading academics, political and popular figures throughout the year. Alongside this, CLIO is proud to support several undergraduate and graduate schemes for students of Cambridge, supplying both employment and internships to aid in the development of your professional self. Last, but not least, no society is complete without exclusive social events, with special discounts and themed parties.
CLIO welcomes all students from Cambridge, and have a multi-tier membership programme to support all levels of interest!

20 Year Anniversary

CLIO is celebrating 20 years of speeches, synergies and socials.

All-Year Termcards

Unlike other societies, we have a packed termcard all year round

Interactive Forum

We promote interaction and debate amongst members, for interesting discussion

Community Driven

CLIO hosts speakers and companies YOU want!

CLIO membership is free to all students at Cambridge University - this means you'll have access to all of our presentations, debates and networking opportunities as long as you bring along your Cam Card!

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